SMALL TALK SIX: not tonight, honey…

happy spring. happy saturday. happy small talk six. you know the drill, right? if not, click here, please. i’m too lazy to copy & paste paraphrase the ‘rules.’

today’s topic is a fun one.

let me just preface by saying that i think it’s safe to say that all mothers out there will tell you that the chances of dancing the horizontal rumba on a regular basis post-children is slim to none. or, maybe it’s just me. but, darn it, i’m still so effin‘ sleep deprived {and, yes, my children are now 9 & 6 years old}. and, because of that, i have excuses…a lot of them, but today, i’ll just share…

6 excuses {i} have used to get out of sex
  1. i have a headache. yes, my head really does hurt and, no, that won’t make it feel any better.
  2. i am too tired. “you’re always tired,” he says. yes. yes, i am. now leave me alone so i can sleep. because if i don’t sleep, i get grouchy. and, if i’m grouchy then you really won’t get any. {see, it’s a vicious cycle.}
  3. i have to get up early. this one doesn’t really work anymore because we get up at the same time {well, at least the alarm clocks ring at the same time, but the hubs is usually heading out the door as i’m heading into the shower}.
  4. can’t you see i’m trying to watch t.v.?! yes, i realize i’ve seen this episode of the nanny 34675967 times, but it’s my favorite {ha ha ha}.
  5. i think i hear one of the kids…they might need me. honestly, i can’t hear the kids & they probably don’t need me because they are either fast asleep or away or wherever, but still. i will use the kid excuse if i have to.
  6. no, not tonight. this isn’t so much an excuse as it is a statement – no means no, ya dig?

what are some of your excuses? head over to momdot & share {because some of us might need new excuses…ha!}.

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