THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED - thanks to all who entered!But, please, read my review & check out Sand-Off!if you're anything like our family, then you probably spend a lot of time here:we live within minutes of a handful of beaches & we're also just a few hours away from some of north carolina's awesome beaches.  saltwater runs through our veins {although, i'm pretty darn certain that caffeine runs through mine, but i digress...}. seriously, once the weather warms up, we are always at the beach.we love the beach.  we love the surf.  we love the shells.  we love the sand...sand.  not only does it get all over the inside of your bathing suit, but it also comes home with you.  {trust me, you should see the inside of adam's truck during the summer months...there's enough sand in there to … [Read more...]

mes chiens.

it's been a while since you had a pupdate.buxton is just shy of six months.  he's still piddling in the house from time to time {on the puppy pad which has become our new doormat by the back door}.  he's a whiner & refuses to jump ONTO the couch, but he will not hesitate to jump OFF of he couch.  he still hoards toys.  he still annoys frisco.we had a scare a couple weekends ago.  after his first trip to the beach, we noticed that his left eye was red & he was squinting.  after a trip to the emergency vet, two eye stains, a few photos {yes, the vet took pics of his cuteness!} & a prescription of drops, the diagnosis was conjunctivitis.  go figure. {buxton}once upon a time, we were strictly a cat family.  now we have two dogs.  go figure. {can you see some of the red in frisco's … [Read more...]

got plants?

{disclaimer: this is a l-o-n-g post with pictures.  i'm just warning you now.  by the way, did you check out my wordless wednesday post?  i'm super proud of my bee pictures.}we're serious about our plants. really, we are. about 5% of our garden is either store bought {the okra we planted last year} or has come back year after year on its own {all of our herbs, tomatoes & peppers}.  the other 95% of our garden comes from plants that we sprouted from seeds.  it's a seemingly simple, yet frustrating, process that requires a lot of careful planning, trial and error & a bit of luck. trust me. we don't have a greenhouse nor do we have much of a green thumb.  we just enjoy growing & tending to plants that repay us for all the love & care by providing us with fresh fruit, veggies … [Read more...]

wordless wednesday: busy little bee.

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beach bums {again}.

it's technically not summer, but, to us, it's close enough!we took advantage of the weekend's warm {dare i say hot?} weather.we packed a cooler, covered the kids in sunscreen & headed to sandbridge.the water was freezing, but that didn't stop the kids from frolicking in the waves.we got to the beach shortly after 9am & enjoyed some quiet family time beforeother friends & their kids showed up.we're so thankful that we live in an area that is so close to the ocean.i don't think we could ever be land-locked. on the lookout for a review & giveaway for a great beach product, sand-off, later on this week! … [Read more...]