the simple things – 1st edition.

i'm following my favorite workaholic momma's lead & linking up with jesslyn amber to share with you all some of the things that i'm appreciative for this week.  sometimes in life, we need to slow down & realize that it's the simple things in life that really matter the most.this week i'm appreciative for...a quiet, semi-clean home. that will all change this calls from my kids oozing with excitement about standing on the hurricane deck at niagara falls during the cave of the winds awesome parents who have not only kept my children for the last two weeks, but have also traveled with them to boston & toronto.walks on the beach with this guy & these two pups:meeting new friends & having the opportunity to spend time with a good friend.hearing color … [Read more...]

{semi} wordless wednesday: name that bug.

since i posted about a dragonfly last wednesday, it only seems fitting that i continue with my wednesday bug theme...adam & i were in the backyard on sunday when we noticed this crazy looking bug flying around our butterfly it a bird? no. {interestingly enough, not long after spotting the bug in question a hummingbird flew in for a brief moment.}is it a bee? no. but it's color does remind me of a it a shrimp? ha ha ha. no. but, adam thought that the bug's body was shaped like a shrimp.we're not sure what the heck it is. we watched it for a good 15 minutes as it flew from flower to flower on our butterfly bush. my guess is that it's a moth of some kind.for now, we are referring to this guy as a humming-bumble-shrimp. you know, until an entomologist can set us … [Read more...]

the flourless, six ingredient cookie.

first of all, i would like to preface this post by saying something that anyone & everyone who tweets already knows -- twitter is probably the worst enabler in all of social media. if you don't tweet, you should. but, don't blame me for your shopping purchases or your expanding in point? these cookies.i was tweeting yesterday, minding my business {ha ha ha!} when i saw that a sweet twitter friend & blogging pal had posted a recipe for chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. even better when she said the cookies were made with only five ingredients. say what?! {technically, the cookie has six ingredients, but whatever...}you know me, i had to check out the recipe. i'm so glad i did. i'm also very thankful that i had all of the ingredients {well, sort of}.y'all, this … [Read more...]


thanks to my sweet friends becky & mrs. monologues, my blog is getting a new look.  while i love, love, LOVE my current design, i'm absolutely excited to see what j at diamond doll design has come up for me. so, please excuse the mess over the next couple of days, but definitely be prepared for something wonderful to feast your eyes on. … [Read more...]


that's me. your very unfaithful blogging friend. i'll spare you the details because people hate reading excuses about why they haven't been blogging {or at least that's what i read last night on twitter}.yesterday, i was laid off from a temporary job {that i can't really say much about} three weeks before the project was scheduled to end.  apparently we were a little TOO good at bubbling in scantron forms.  it is what it is, i guess.  so, i applied for what seems like a bazillion & one jobs for my city's school system.  all of my fingers & toes are crossed for something to come my way.are you on crowdtap?  if not, you should be.  why?  well, you interact with brands which earns you points which you can then convert to gift cards for  in addition, you also earn money for … [Read more...]