{semi} wordless wednesday: name that bug.

since i posted about a dragonfly last wednesday, it only seems fitting that i continue with my wednesday bug theme...adam & i were in the backyard on sunday when we noticed this crazy looking bug flying around our butterfly bush.is it a bird? no. {interestingly enough, not long after spotting the bug in question a hummingbird flew in for a brief moment.}is it a bee? no. but it's color does remind me of a bumblebee.is it a shrimp? ha ha ha. no. but, adam thought that the bug's body was shaped like a shrimp.we're not sure what the heck it is. we watched it for a good 15 minutes as it flew from flower to flower on our butterfly bush. my guess is that it's a moth of some kind.for now, we are referring to this guy as a humming-bumble-shrimp. you know, until an entomologist can set us … [Read more...]