a friday cleanse.

it’s been quite the week.  and, my weekend will be just as busy.  so much for relaxing before i start a 35 hour rotation in a first grade classroom, huh?


so, while most of y’all are excited that it’s friday, i’m not.  i’ve come to dread fridays.  why?  because i have class on friday nights.  not an online class, but an in-person class.  ugh.  and, i know i should not complain – i mean, i was the yo-yo who chose this class.  but, i’m just not happy with how the class is being taught {and we’ll leave it at that}.

and, now, let the cleansing begin…

  • valentine’s day came & went.  i was kind of bummed that i didn’t get a card or flowers and that i had to buy my own damn chocolate {curse you, target, and your three for $8 special}, but oh, well.  february 14th has never been that big of a deal to us.  february 23rd, however, is a different story.
  • speaking of february 23rd, in less than a week, adam & i will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.  yikes.  that’s a good yikes, by the way.  and, if we really want to get technical, adam & i started dating {again} on february 23, 1994.  yes, 18 years ago.
  • yes, i said again.  we dated briefly when we were 14…


  • i bought a fun pair of shoes today!  i have this thing for birkenstocks.  before you say “woof” why don’t you take a peek at these sweet thangs:

{i apologize for any leg hairs you might see…ha ha ha!}

  • malia is playing lacrosse now.  she seems to really enjoy it which makes me happy.  i think a team sport will be great for her self-confidence.
  • i am bartending this weekend at a ducks unlimited banquet in elizabeth city, nc.  i’ve been doing it for a few years and it’s so much fun.  and, it’s easy money. {until the guys start asking for change out of the tip jar.  um, it says TIP, not ATM!}
  • as i mentioned earlier, i start part of my practicum rotation next week.  i’m looking forward to being in a first grade classroom again this semester.  i really think that is the grade level for me.  the kids are so much fun.
  • i’m really sad that i’m not going to blissdom.  of course, that whole 10th anniversary thing kind of kept me from going this year.  today, over coffee, my favorite beach bum and i decided we will go next year.  maybe.
  • i still haven’t filed our taxes.  yuck.
  • a friend of mine blogged about daydreaming today.  she mentioned the beach.  um, yeah, i’m definitely over virginia’s wishy-washy weather and i’m ready for some warmer temps.  my toes are aching to be covered in sand.

  • apparently, i like photographing my feet.  if feet make you squirm, i’m sorry {that i’m not sorry}.
  • speaking of feet, if we don’t get our backyard cleaned up {read: fill in some holes} we will do nothing but trip everywhere this spring & summer.  frisco & buxton are on a mission to dig up the entire back yard.  damn dogs.
  • our yard is a mess, though.  i’m so ready to garden, but it’s just too early.  i just hate how blah everything looks during the fall and winter.  i’m ready for blossoms & blooms.

  • the kids go to the dentist today.  malia needs braces and our insurance won’t cover it, so i guess we’ll be putting a down payment on some metal hardware soon.  the price of braces = the price of a small car.
  • i really, really, REALLY need to fix some freezer meals again.  we’ve been eating way too much fast food and take out.  our budget is not happy.

um, yeah…so there’s that.

this went from a brain dump to a whole lot of random, didn’t it??  my brain is fried, y’all.

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  1. says

    Wow, congrats on the upcoming anniversary!!! :)
    I love that Malia is playing LAX. I LOVED playing LAX!
    I am always taking pics of my feet at the beach. I’m going to find a good one and blow it up on a canvas… maybe i can get Tommy to sit next to me… on second thought, maybe not- boys feet are not pretty. :)
    I’m with you on the FFood and take out! $5.00 here and there adds up!
    Wishing you a happy week! :) XOXO

  2. says

    Valentines Day is a drag for me too. I love my hubs dearly, but the cash and cherry blow pops aren’t my idea of romance.
    Good luck with your practicum! First grade will be a blast!

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