happy heart day.

i think the only reason valentine’s day is a big deal in our home is because we have school-aged children.

finding the perfect valentine’s day card & making the perfect sweet treat is always fun…until i realize i need double of everything.  

this year i chose a card that was featured in the blog post i wrote about tiny prints’ valentine’s day collection for kids {i guess the two packs of valentine’s i bought last year on clearance will eventually get used…hopefully before star wars & hello kitty go out of fashion}.  i’m not big on themes, but i felt no other choice but to go with the theme of the card…

and, the theme makes me giggle.  you know, considering i’m half-chinese {and i don’t particularly care for fortune cookies}.

of course, it’s the actual cookie itself, not the fortune, that is unappealing to me.  however, after dipping fifty of those suckers in melted chocolate and sprinkling them with candy hearts, well, i now believe that all fortune cookies should be dipped.  trust me.

i ordered the cookies from my lucky fortune, by the way.

the kids are also sharing funfetti cupcakes {i took the easy way out & used a box mix} with their classmates and their teachers are receiving mississippi mud cookies instead of a box of chocolates.

psst…check out these cake pops that my ten year old daughter made over the weekend using some leftover red velvet cake mix {she even had to tweak the cake recipe a bit because i used part of the cake mix to make a cheese ball}…

and i guess i should show you that cheese ball i mentioned, too, huh?  {i totally hijacked the picture from my favorite beach bum’s instagram.}

happy valentine’s day, y’all!!

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  1. can your daughter please show me how to frost those cake pops? mine turned out more like blobs!

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