if you've been reading the private blog shell said what?!, then you know what i am referring to.i've been trying to take a more active, more holistic approach to my health & well-being.  i'm fortunate to have a friend & co-worker whose family believes in holistic care and i am very appreciative that he has shared some insight with me.he knows a lot about what is going on with me personally {it's always nice to have someone unbiased to talk to} and yesterday i approached him & asked him to give me some alternatives to being a slave to a prescription pill.*diet - he told me to take stock of my eating habits & to look for deficiencies.  i believe we are a relatively healthy family when it comes to cooking & eating.  we shop smart. we eat fresh veggies pretty much on a … [Read more...]

there was an article in the l.a. times recently that caught my eye:  study links chocolate and depressioni'm sorry, what?no, no...really.  the first paragraph of the article reads:One need only look at the recent introduction of chocolate Cheerios to fully grasp Americans' fondness for the pulp from cacao beans. Savoring chocolate is normal.But, researchers said Monday, overindulging in it could be a marker for depression.that makes me sad {pun intended?}.  it truly does.i don't know whether to be depressed about the large bowl of chocolate ice cream laced with crushed up pieces of chocolate-covered pretzels i ate while typing this OR the fact that we have not one, but THREE boxes of Chocolate Cheerios in our pantry.{source}yep.  three wonder i can't get out of bed in the … [Read more...]